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The main mission of Senco Ukraine is to produce quality and useful products, to give people pleasure! Nectar Senco is a brand of 100% high quality natural products made using innovative technologies. The production retains all the natural and beneficial properties of honey, berries, fruits and other natural ingredients.
To make your life more delicious, enjoyable and healthier every day is our main goal. Our three main principles are: Qualitatively, Useful, Delicious! All our products must meet these important criteria of our activities.

We sincerely wish you good and pleasant enjoyment of Nectar Senco creamed honey!

Bring joy to yourself and your loved ones and be happy!

Creamed honey, honey-souffle. Nectar Senco

We create quality with nature!

100% natural product

The product consists only of whipped natural meadow bee honey and berries, fruits, nuts and other natural ingredients.

No artificial additives added

The product does not contain dyes, preservatives or other food additives and thickeners.

No sugar added

There is no sugar in the product. Honey is a natural preservative and 2 times sweeter than sugar.

No above 30 ° C heated

In the production of the product, we do not heat honey above 30 ° C. Creamed honey does not lose beneficial natural properties.

Perfect combination of taste and benefit

The product has a pleasant taste, an unforgettable aftertaste and a creamy consistency. Natural honey is very beneficial for human health.

Natural Product Technology

We use our own technologies and international standards for production, ones allows us to produce high quality products. Multilevel control and the implemented HACCP system ensure product safety.

Product range Nectar Senco

More than 100 items creamed honey, honey-souffle, natural honey

PRESENT Standard

(creamed honey filled into a twist-off glass jar, net weight 1.05 oz (30 g.)


(creamed honey filled into a twist-off glass jar, net weight 7.05 oz (200 g.) and 8 oz (226 g.)

PREMIUM Standard

(creamed honey filled into wire clamp glass jar, net weight 8.81 oz (250 g.) and 18 oz (510 g.)

Present Sets

(set of assorted creamed honey from four jars, net weight 4.23 oz (120 g.)

HORECA Standard

(creamed honey filled into a plastic container, net weight 2.2 lb (997 g.)

MINI Standard

(packing honey-souffle in a stick, sachet, dip-pot, net weight 0.53 oz (15 g) - 1.76 oz (50 g)

We offer the best varieties of natural bee honey TM Nectar Senco

Honey has long been valued by people for its unusual taste such as tender, fragrant, viscous and very very sweet flavor. Also, people have learned to understand the value of honey for its ability to improve health and even cure many diseases.
We offer our customers a wide range of flower, acacia, linden, sunflower and other varieties of honey Nectar Senco.
Honey is packaged in glass jars weighing NET 16 oz (454 g.).
Plastic containers weighing NET 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg and metal barrels made of food sheet 200 liters

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Do you have a boutique, retail or online store, cafe, coffee shop? We offer you wholesale supplies of our products. We supply products all over Ukraine, as well as in European, American, Asian and other countries of the world. The assortment of manufactured and supplied products is constantly increasing. Personal sales manager will provide necessary information and advice. We offer our customers marketing support, both at the stage of launching sales and further with an increased range and volume of product delivery. We offer a high level of trade service. We will pick up an assortment, we will provide samples for tasting. We are forming a distribution network In the national and foreign markets.  We provide a flexible discount system and other trade preferences for buyers of large batches of goods and distributors. Delivery – FCA warehouse in Dnipro, Ukraine.