Nectar Senco Product Range

We offer a wide range of TM "Nectar Senco":

* The product range of TM “Nectar Senco” is constantly updated and subject to change.
** Please check the quality, assortment and quantity of ready-to-sell products of TM “Nectar Senco” with the seller.

Filling, packaging and labeling of products Nectar Senco

Creamed honey is filled in glass jars with a net weight of

1.05 oz (30 g.)(twist-off), 8 oz (226 g.)(twist-off), 8.81 oz (250 g.)(wire clamp),
16 oz (454 g.)(wire clamp),
18 oz (510 g.)(wire clamp), 2.2 lb (997 g.)(plastic container) etc.

Glass jars and plastic containers with creamed honey are marked with brand labels and counter-labels.
In accordance with the Senco Agropack-NSIS marketing standard, creamed honey are packed on

a corrugated cardboard substrate and fastened with heat-shrink

One corrugated cardboard box contains NET products:
1.05 oz (30 g.) – 224pcs, 8 oz (226 g.) – 60pcs, 8.81 oz (250 g.) – 24pcs,
16 oz (454 g.) – 40pcs, 18 oz (510 g.) – 24pcs, 2.2 lb (997 g.) – 16pcs.

Nectar Senco products are labeled in accordance with the requirements of the laws of Ukraine, European Union regulations and the requirements of the countries of importers / sales of products. Product labeling can be carried out in Ukrainian, English, German, Arabic, Japanese and other languages of the world per customer’s request.

Shrunken twist-off
glass jars 8 oz (226 g.) x 10pcs

Shrunken wire clamp
glass jars 8.81 oz (250 г.) x 6pcs

Export marking of production boxes

Finished Product Packaging