Product standards

Multilevel safety and quality control is carried out at all stages from the purchase of raw materials, production to delivery of Nectar Senco products. Multilevel control of production and logistics of products is carried out in accordance with the HACCP system.
The quality analysis of creamed honey takes place in an accredited laboratory ILAC / ISO 17025.

Safety control of each batch of products is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, regulations of the European Union and other countries of the world.

Creamed honey is filled into a glass jars with a net weight of 1.05 oz (30 g.)(twist-off), 8 oz (226 g.)(twist-off), 8.81 oz (250 g.)
(wire clamp), 16 oz (454 g.)(twist-off), 18 oz (510 g.)(wire clamp), 2.2 lb (997 g.) (plastic container). Glass jars with creamed honey are marked with brand labels and counter-labels. 

Creamed honey shrunken with heat-shrink film on corrugated cardboard substrates in accordance with the Senco Agropack-NSIS marketing standard. Wrapping ensures product transportability and safety.
Shrunken creamed honey is packed in branded corrugated cardboard packaging, which allows you to ensure the safety of products during long-distance delivery by road, sea and air.
The box contains amount NETs jars:

1.05 oz (30 g.) – 224pcsoz (226 g.) – 60pcs8.81 oz (250 g.) – 24pcs
oz (454 g.) – 40pcs18 oz (510 g.) – 24pcs, 2.2 lb (997 g.) – 16pcs.

Nectar Senco products are labeled in accordance with the requirements of the laws of Ukraine, the regulations of the European Union and the requirements of the countries of importers / sales of products. Product labeling can be carried out in Ukrainian, English, German, Arabic, Japanese and other languages of the world per customer’s request.

NSIS standart Nectar Senco

(consolidated standard for management, production, logistics and sales)
In 2019 the consolidated NSIS standard was created to enhance the competitiveness of Nectar Senco’s business in the global market. Every year, the NSIS standard is improved and approved by business management. NSIS 2020 is currently in force. The goal of the NSIS 2020 standard is to ensure the competitiveness and high performance of Nectar Senco’s business in national and foreign markets. NSIS 2020 (Nectar Senco International Standard) – This is a consolidated system of standards for the production, logistics and sale of Nectar Senco products, which includes (based on):
  • Business management system (planning, management / coordination and control).
  • Research, marketing analysis of national and foreign markets. Business development strategies and strategies for selling Nectar Senco products in national and foreign markets.
  • International standards ISO, BRS, FSSC, etc.
  • The requirements of national legislation and standards of Ukraine.
  • The requirements of the laws and standards of foreign countries importing / selling food products EU, USA, UK and others (DAFRA, FDA and etc).
  • HACCP and a multilevel and food safety control system.
  • National and international environmental norms and standards.
  • Registered TC(Technical Conditions).
  • Technologies and standards for production, packing, packaging, labeling of products.
  • BIO and ECO technologies / standards.
  • Product coding.
  • Logistics system, logistic standards and formats.
  • International Trade Rules Incoterms 2020.
  • Requirements, standards and rules of national and foreign banks.
  • Financial instruments.
  • Commodity and marketing product standards.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Business security and risk management system. Legal Instruments.
Information on NSIS standards is divided into: – strictly confidential, – confidential, -for administrative use, -common use. The requirements of the NSIS 2020 standard are intended FOR use in the production, logistics and sale of products by employees of the enterprise, national and foreign business partners of Nectar Senco.

Packing and мarking Nectar Senco

Shrunken twist-off
glass jars 8 oz (226 g.) x 10pcs

Shrunken wire clamp
glass jars 8.81 oz (250 г.) x 6pcs

Export marking of production boxes

Finished Product Packaging