Apricot Big

Creamed honey Nectar Senco with apricots


Product composition

Whipped natural honey and apricot fruits. Contains no additives, dyes or sugar.

Expiration date

24 months from the date of manufacture at 6 to 20 ° C and relative humidity <75%.

Value per 100 g

Energy: 326 kcal, 1386 kJ. Food: proteins 0.5 g, fats 0.0 g, carbohydrates 82.0 m

Natural apricot creamed honey is made from Natural meadow bee honey with processed apricot fruits. Apricot softens the gentle-tart sweetness of honey. The product will treat you with excellent taste and sophisticated aftertaste you will never forget.
Creamed honey with apricot will appeal to all lovers of natural products. Fruits give a unique flavor and piquancy to creamed honey. Small fractions of apricot are evenly distributed throughout the creamed honey.

The benefits of apricot

Apricot - very useful, rich in vitamins and trace elements fruit. Apricots contain such useful substances as: choline, potassium, beta-carotene, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, iodine, pectin, dietary fiber, starch, inulin. Also, vitamins A, B3, B2, B5, B6, B9, vitamin C, E, H and vitamin PP, as well as natural acids such as citric acid, malic and tartaric.
Apricot has a beneficial effect to increase hemoglobin in the blood, strengthens the immune system and it’s a preventive tool against diseases, contributes to the improvement of the body. In addition, apricot lowers cholesterol, removes toxins from the body.

The power and benefits of honey

Natural meadow bee honey is used to make creamed honey Nectar Senco. It is one of the most delicious and useful natural varieties of honey. A distinctive feature of meadow honey is its useful composition. It includes substances that are important to the body such as ascorbic acid, vitamins and other nutrients. These components can provide immunity formation, strengthening of bones and formation of muscles.
Meadow honey is rich in B vitamins: B6, B5, B3, B2, B1. They have a wide variety of actions. Vitamins have a positive effect on the human body.
Also, meadow honey includes glucose, sucrose, fructose, carotene, which can improve vision. One has organic acids and various enzymes. Meadow honey are rightfully considered the most useful species. The leader in the content of active substances, has the highest activity of enzymes, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, normalizes the work of venous circulation, strengthens the muscles of the myocardium and the walls of blood vessels. It is an excellent contraceptive in the treatment of colds: flu, undead, sore throats.

Types of packing

Products are filled into wire clamp jar. 6 jars of creamed honey are packed on a corrugated cardboard substrate which are fastened with a heat-shrink film.
NETTO Corrugated Cardboard substrate Weight 3,31 lb (1500 g.).
NETTO Corrugated Cardboard substrate Weight 6,74 lb (3060 g.).
Marketing product standard NSIS-AP-250.
Marketing product standard NSIS-AP-510.
Packing standard SENCO AGROPACK.
The products are made in accordance with
TU 10.8-39845766-001: 2019 "Creamed honey and honey souffle”.

Net: 8.81 oz (250 г.)
Net: 18 oz (510 г.)
Gross: 20.1 oz (570 г.)
Gross: 33.93 oz (962 г.)